For every 100 students that take the CFA Program exam, only 20 will pass all three exam levels. We can help you beat those odds.

According to statistics, for every 100 students that take the CFA Program exam, only 20 will pass all three exam levels. Not an encouraging odd right? Not to worry, you can increase your chances of passing this complex series of exams with an excellent prep provider like FinQuiz.   FinQuiz is an Approved Prep Provider for Levels I, II and III of the CFA Institute’s Program. We offer an in-depth collection of learning tools tailored to the requirements of the CFA Institute’s LOS objectives at every level of study.   With FinQuiz, earning a CFA Institute charter is super easy. You get to learn the rudiments of each level of the CFA Program exam, gain access to study tips for each level, topics from the curriculum, and excellent exam strategies.   WHY CHOOSE FINQUIZ? With decades of experience, FinQuiz offers digital prep materials for CFA candidates that guarantee success. We offer the best tools candidates need to pass the exam. FinQuiz is the sure path to excel for any CFA candidate. As an online resource, FinQuiz consists of excellent instructional tools such as video lectures, study notes, and practice questions. These tools are ideal for; • Candidates who need flexible study hours. • Candidates who don’t find classroom learning convenient. • Candidates who need more than print materials (i.e., practice questions) to comprehend better. • Candidates who need to revise over and over. Generally, an online prep provider like FinQuiz is perfect for CFA candidates who prioritize mobility and flexibility while studying for the CFA exams. Choosing FinQuiz as your prep provider is the easiest and most rewarding decision to make. Here are a couple of reasons why FinQuiz is the best prep provider to study with;

How to Prepare for Your CFA Program Exam with FinQuiz!

This is going to be the easiest and most rewarding decision you make.

Up-to-date Question Bank

Our current practice questions simulate actual CFA exams questions of each level, to give you a feel of the real exams. FinQuiz 2019 Question Bank provides thousands of questions for Exam Levels I, II and III which comes with detailed answers and explanation. An excellent feature that FinQuiz offers is the ability to bookmark, add notes, and even give feedback to question developers. You can also re-attempt each question as many times as you want! Even better, FinQuiz offers you the flexibility of practicing these exams questions on any electronic device of your choice.

Smart Summaries

A major problem most CFA Program candidates have with many prep providers is either over summary or under summary. With FinQuiz, you are guaranteed an accurate and relevant summary. Our decades of teaching experience and expertise tells us that many times candidates find themselves lost in the reading and are unable to connect different topics discussed. Our Flow-chart style summaries provide a quick overview of every reading with multi-colored diagrams, bullet points, and formulas. We help you highlight the relevant and most important points, thus, making reading and comprehension easier for you.

Relevant Curriculum Notes

There are many curriculum notes on the market, but there is a reason why FinQuiz Notes are the most sought after. Our notes are not a replacement but are designed to supplement your CFA Program reading materials so that you can absorb the full breadth of information you’ll need to excel in your exam. Our curriculum notes treat the most critical topics from the CFA Program curriculum and increase your chances of passing excellently.

Realistic Mock Exams

We don’t just offer Mock Exams; we offer mock exams that are rigorous and will mentally drill, and train you for your CFA Program exams. Attempting our mock exams will thoroughly prepare you for the big day. Just like the real exams, our mock exams come separately in sets of 6-hours; AM and PM sections. There are six sets available for each exam level; our Level II mock exams come in item-set format, and Level III exams come in Essay and Item-set format.

Formula Sheets

Studying for the CFA exams can be exhausting, especially with the number of equations and formulas that need to be remembered. This is why our formula sheet is an excellent aid when it comes to memorizing and comprehending formulas. Our three-column format formula sheet is perfect in preparing for the CFA Program exams. All that is required is to jot down all formulas at one place and read them over and over again, to save them in your long-term memory. What’s more? These sheets are lifesavers while practicing questions in the Question Bank.

Study Plan

FinQuiz offers practical and detailed study plans that make you better prepared for the CFA Program exams. The study plan comes in PDF format and an editable Excel format. This means you can edit the plan according to your personal needs or convenience.


FinQuiz has been providing solutions to the challenge faced by many CFA candidates for more than a decade. Candidates who have chosen FinQuiz as their preferred prep provider have only reported satisfaction (Read reviews from CFA Charterholders). We know just how difficult CFA exams are and this is why we are here to make passing easier than you ever imagined.


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