Only 20% of CFA Program exam takers manage to pass all three levels. To beat those odds, you need an edge.

The data doesn’t lie: for every 100 CFA Program exam test-takers, only 20 will manage to pass all the through level III. This statistic may not be encouraging, but don’t let it bring you down: all it says is that those who work the hardest and prepare the most are the ones who will pass in the end.


If you want to be part of that elite 20%, you need study materials that will bring you above and beyond your present knowledge. Luckily, you have FinQuiz to help.


FinQuiz is a approved CFA Prep Provider for Levels I, II, and III of the program. We offer prospective test-takers comprehensive, in-depth study materials designed to supplement and build on the knowledge acquired from the official CFA materials.


At FinQuiz, your success is our passion. We seek to provide you with everything you’ll need to excel at your CFA examinations.

How to Prepare for Your CFA Program Exam with FinQuiz!

This is going to be the easiest and most rewarding decision you make.

Up-to-date Question Bank

We offer a comprehensive question bank designed to fully simulate the scope of the CFA Program examination. Our 2019 question bank is loaded with thousands of expertly crafted questions that will test your understanding of CFA Program materials. The experience is designed to be customizable: you can bookmark individual questions, add notes or citations, and even offer feedback on improving our question bank. And there’s no limit to retaking these questions: answer and re-answer as many times as you like.

Smart Summaries

If you’ve already taken a look at the official CFA Program study materials, you might notice something daunting: it can run hundreds of pages long. Too often, in attempting to summarize these materials, other prep-providers either focus too much on the little details and focus too little on the big picture. FinQuiz materials are drafted by experts in the CFA Program who have worked diligently to ensure you have the materials you need.

Relevant Curriculum Notes

Countless prep-providers are on the market, but most people choose FinQuiz. These is because we have purposefully designed our notes not to replace your official CFA Program study materials, but to supplement them. Students who fully utilize the CFA Program study materials while also making use of supplements like ours score leagues above students who seek to replace the CFA Program study materials with a more succinct source.

Realistic Mock Exams

Our exams are mock in name-only. We seek to replicate every aspect of the CFA Program exam to fully prepare you for the arduous task it is. When you take the official CFA Program exam, you can expect a rigorous six-hour trial. Our mock exams are designed to mimic this, to fully prepare you for the big day.

Formula Sheets

If there’s one common gripe about the CFA Program, it’s trying to nail down the countless formulas you absolutely have to memorize to pass. We provide a comprehensive, easily-digestible formula sheet to grant you a convenient format for memorizing a wide range of formulas and their meanings.

Study Plan

FinQuiz offers practical and detailed study plans that make you better prepared for the CFA Program exams. The study plan comes in PDF format and an editable Excel format. This means you can edit the plan according to your personal needs or convenience.


At FinQuiz, you can expect more than just a sloppy study sheet. FinQuiz is created and staffed by former CFA Program test-takers. We know the ins-and-outs of CFA Program test-taking, and we want to ensure every hard-working student has an opportunity to pass the exam. You’ll quickly discover why our exam materials are the most sought-after in the nation.


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