CFA® Level 1 Mock Exam

Practice Exams that mimic the actual CFA exam

FinQuiz's Level I mock exam for the Program CFA are based on past assessments and are designed to suit current CBT testing format and level of difficulty similar to the actual CFA exam by the CFA Institute.

6 FULL CFA Level 1 Mock Exam for Just $229

Six Complete Mock Exams (with two sessions each) for all three CFA Exams levels

CFA Level 1 Mock Exam PDF and Sample Questions

In the final examination those taking mock exams performed better compared to those only studying on the actual exam.

FinQuiz Mock Exams will give you the Confidence you need for the exam day

CFA Mock Exam PDF and Practice Questions

We are confident our practice questions and mock exams will improve your scores and accuracy and prepare you well for the exam day. The exam structure mimic the actual exam.

CFA Level 1 Mock Exam by FinQuiz

Is the CFA exam difficult to pass?

The CFA Exam is quite demanding. In February 2021 only 44% had passed. Select the best CFA prep course that can cater your needs, study hard and improve the chances of getting a passing score.

Our team of experts include dedicated full time CFA charter holders with years of experience of developing CFA prep courses, CFA study material and teaching CFA review course.

Premium Package - CFA Level I

FinQuiz Premium Package includes:

  • FinQuiz study notes
  • Summaries
  • Question bank
  • Formula sheet
  • Six Mock exams
  • Study plan
  • Instructor support

Practice Plus Package - CFA Level 1

FinQuiz Practice Plus Package includes:

  • Question bank
  • Six Mock exams

Stop worrying - Start Studying

Identify topics that need more attention

Prepare and practice your weak areas and also make sure, you give equal emphasis to the following topic areas such as Ethics (Ethical and professional standards), economics, financial reporting and analysis, market organization etc.


"FinQuiz is an easy way to increase your chances to crack the CFA test on your first attempt. A valuable option for self study candidates. The packages are cheaper than Kaplan Schweser." James B.

What do you get?

FinQuiz offers 6 comprehensive high quality practice exams in a CBT format. These mock exams are available for all three CFA program exams.

In addition to these six exams, FinQuiz's Question bank provides hundreds of practice questions with detailed explanations that cover whole syllabus.

Identify topics that need more attention

Paying attention where you go wrong helps you avoid similar mistakes. Each practice exam for will give you good chances to work on your weaknesses and improve you performance.

These mock tests and practice questions come with detailed answer explanations for the correct answer or incorrect answer choices along with references to the curriculum, study session and reading number.

Make sure, you give equal emphasis to the following topic areas, often neglected by other candidates. These may include: quantitative methods, hypothesis testing, financial reporting, portfolio management, fixed income, corporate governance, alternative investments, equity investments, corporate finance etc.