CFA® Level 1 2021 mock exams 

Each FinQuiz CFA level 1 mock exam consists of 180 questions. Topics are split between first session and second session. Randomized questions across multiple topic areas to reflect the actual exam format.

Mock exams are important tool in your exam preparation study plan. CFA Institute provides only limited number of CFA Mock exams. Actual exam of CFA Program level 1 is now Computer-Based. Old mock exams are no more good source of exam-day practice. Many candidates regret not practicing more mock exams on CFA exam results day.

Practice our mock exam with the new time limits and new topic arrangement with four topic areas in the first session and remaining six subjects in the second session.

New format of random questions from multiple topic areas is reflected in our 2021 mock exams. Review your scores and look at answers with explanation after the exam. Compare your performance against other candidates. Available Now!

CBT CFA Level 1 Mock Exams for Just $229 - Six 2021 Exams

Mock exams are particularly important for two reasons: Getting used to sitting down for four and half hours and putting your brain through some tough mental gymnastics. Don’t underestimate this. Fatigue can be a big problem with the exams and we have heard candidates say that by the last couple of hours, they were just writing in anything to get it over.

Mock exams will help you follow your progress through each topic area, refining your study in each topic where you are weak.