CFA® Level I Practice Test and mock exam PDF

Six Times a Charm - Download Level I Mock Exams Now

Take at least six of these mock exams. As each progressed, you could build a confidence band around the estimate for my percentage in each topic area.

While you may struggle on a particular exam and see your percentage fall in a topic, your averaged scores will be more accurate and reliable (gotta love that Quant Methods section).

We know that no candidate with a score of 70% has ever failed the exam, so you should be aiming for something above this. Aim for +80% in the core topics for the level 1 exams (Ethics, FRA, Equity, Fixed Income) while looking for at least 70-75% in the other topics.

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Level I practice exams and questions

Level I mock exam and practice questions pdf and online. High mock exam scores on FinQuiz question bank will increase your chances of passing the actual exam. 

Mock exams are graded tests that incorporate all topic areas at the CFA Institute area weightings and with the full six-hour time window. 

You should be using practice exams throughout your studying to gauge your retention of the material.


Mock exams are particularly important for two reasons: Getting used to sitting down for six-hours and putting your brain through some tough mental gymnastics. Don’t underestimate this. Fatigue can be a big problem with the exams and we have heard candidates say that by the last couple of hours, they were just writing in anything to get it over.

Mock exams will help you follow your progress through each topic area, refining your study in each topic where you are weak. The level I and II CFA exams have clearly defined topic weights with some areas clearly the focus of the exams.