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“ Get PDF notes for Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Issuers, Equity Investments, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alternative Investments and Portfolio Management ”

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  • our study notes follow the CFA Institute books
  • are designed and written by the CFA Charterholders with detailed explainations
  • refrences to the curriculum's practice questions, exhibits, learning outcome statement and examples
  • detailed study notes covering all of Level II CFA Program Curriculum

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FinQuiz™ CFA Level II Study Notes


Our notes are the best on the market, bar none. Designed to supplement, not replace, your Level II materials, these notes will reinforce what you need to know so you are more fully prepared for the exam. We recommend to prepare ethical and professional standards directly from the CFA Institute curriculum. Download free sample readings.


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Best Study Notes for CFA program curriculum topics like Financial Reporting and analysis, Quantitative Methods, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income and Alternative Investments

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Our team of experts include dedicated full time CFA charter holders with years of experience of developing CFA prep courses, practice questions, CFA study material and teaching CFA review course.

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Tell me about the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam?

The CFA Institute offers financial analysts the Professional designation. The CFA exam consists of three exam levels that become increasingly complicated and difficult. 

A minimum score must be met to pass the exam.


Level II - CFA exam item set format

CFA Level 2 exam is somewhat difficult and uses concepts that need to be applied rather than understood alone. In the course of your prep you need to study and practice sample exams to assess areas where you're weak.

There will be 44 questions in each session which will amount to 88 for the entire exam (two sessions) each containing three points.