CFA® Level 3 Mock Exam

Get help in advance of the exam. Take six mock exams. Each exam mimics the actual CFA exam in structure and timing. Work through our Level III mock exams to gain confidence and improve accuracy.

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How can FinQuiz help you pass?


CFA Level III mock exams follow the CFA institute exam format in its CFA exam structure, time constraint, topic weightings, difficulty, number of item sets, level of understanding, answer explanations etc.

Each FinQuiz mock is a computer based CFA exam that will prepare you for the exam day.

CFA Level III Mock Exams by FinQuiz

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Stop worrying - Start studying

FinQuiz CFA level III course offers highly drafted CBT online practice exams to introduce you to the exam's structure.

Our six mock exams mimic the actual CFA exam format and are ideal for candidates who want to experience the actual exam. 

Give yourself the tools you need to pass.

FinQuiz offers 6 full mock exams that test the difficulty of the actual CFA exam (with comprehensive solution) and provides candidates with a valuable option to practice computer based test in a condition similar to actual interface.



"FinQuiz is an easy way to increase your chances to crack the CFA test on your first attempt. A valuable option for self study candidates. The packages are cheaper than Kaplan Schweser."

James B.

Our team of experts include dedicated full time CFA charter holders with years of experience of developing CFA prep courses, CFA study material and teaching CFA review course.

With the most accurate and effective prep materials in 2022

Secure your success with a structured study plan and varied materials that engage active retention.

FinQuiz learning ecosystem with its wide range of practice questions including item sets and essay type questions with detailed answer explanations, assessment tools, support by instructors will help you prepare for your actual exam day.

With exam sim conditions, online scoring, performance tracking, online answer form, ability to view answer explanations, references to the CFA program curriculum, CFA Institute topic weightings, actual exam like format, we are confident that these mock exam will help you guys succeed on the real exam.

FinQuiz system offers performance tracking by topic area and study sessions. In the review mode, each mock exam question provides a number - a percentage who scored correctly - for a comparison to other mock exam candidates - so check each question for score compared to the scores of others.

Where can I get free CFA level 3 mock exam?

Make the most of the last 4 to 6 weeks before the exam day for mock assessments, guideline answers and revisions. And remember: We also gave a free CFA practice test!

Are you looking for mock exams for 2022 CFA Level 3?

Our mock exams for 2022 CFA Program are available for online practice.

We are confident that our high quality six complete online computer based exams (with two sessions each) are a valuable resource for you to practice, your weak areas, to improve accuracy of your answer choices and scores, to drill deeper and practice with time constraints, to learn from our answer explanations, to enhance test taking skills and to analyze your exam performance so that you have an edge on other candidates.

FinQuiz is acutely aware that passing the CFA exam is only possible with both qualitative and descriptive knowledge as well as problem-solving abilities.


Our exams cover the most fundamental concepts and calculations from the curriculum. We recommend candidates should take their FinQuiz mocks six weeks before the exam.

Level III of the CFA Program

Chartered financial analyst program by the CFA institute is the most rigorous program for finance professionals and investment analysts. CFA charter is the most highly regarded financial designation, and the exam is the hardest.

With one of the highest failure rates in the industry, the CFA exam requires hundreds of hours of dedicated preparation with materials that accurately reflect the CFA Institute’s new 2022 language and format.

The Charter Financial Analyst certificate is the highest rated financial designation. CFA level 3 exam is among the hardest tests.

The CFA Institute's 2022 exam requires hundreds of hours of dedicated preparation to prepare for the exam that has one of the highest failure rates in the industry.