CFA® Level III mock exams 

FinQuiz CFA level 3 mock exams follow topic area weights and format of actual exam. These exams are in structured response and item set format to mimic the real exam environment. Each exam is of four and half hours - split between first session of essay type questions and second session of item-sets questions. All exams are updated as per CFA Institute's 2021 curriculum.

6 FULL CBT CFA Level 3 Mock Exams for Just $229

Mock exams are particularly important for two reasons: Getting used to sitting down for four and half hours and putting your brain through some tough mental gymnastics. Don’t underestimate this. Fatigue can be a big problem with the exams and we have heard candidates say that by the last couple of hours, they were just writing in anything to get it over.

Mock exams will help you follow your progress through each topic area, refining your study in each topic where you are weak.