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The CFA Institute recommends that you study for the exam on your own. With self-study packages by FinQuiz, you can do just that. Choose from our various self-study products and find one that suits your needs best.

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We provide you with everything you need to pass your CFA exam. You get the best self-study FinQuiz Notes, question bank, summaries, mock tests, and Formula Sheet. We also offer feedback from an online instructor that will help you practice for the exam.

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Our self-study packages cover the breadth and depth of the exam, giving you a more thorough understanding of difficult concepts. This allows you to effectively tackle and excel on the CFA Institute's resources, giving you a greater chance at passing your CFA exam. We've made our packages affordable so that they can be used in conjunction with the Institute's resources.

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FinQuiz Notes

Reviewing the whole CFA curriculum has never been easier than with FinQuiz Notes.


Reviewing the CFA curriculum using summaries supported by visual maps will increase your comprehension and confidence as you prepare for the exam.

Mock Exams

Use FinQuiz's practice tests as a tool to get acquainted with the format of the real exam and boost your test-taking abilities.


When it comes to studying for the CFA exam, there is no better resource than the FinQuiz Question Bank.

Formula sheet

Learn and memorize every important formula you'll need for the test by using this helpful formula sheet.

Instructor Support

Our instructors will respond to every query within a few hours by email or Feedback button

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Our CFA study material will help you pass more efficiently and effectively by providing the guidance you need in a digital format, without the hassle of an instructor. You don’t have to worry about paying for expensive classes when you can easily access our material at home.

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