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'FinQuiz offers six complete practice exams for all three CFA exam levels'

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Practice Plus is our essential package to cover online learning and practicing techniques for Level III candidates.

The package includes thousands of practice questions, essay-type (constructive response questions), six online CBT mock exams, five additional CBT essay-type exams.

Candidates who learn by doing practice questions love this package.

Best CFA study materials for CFA Program 2022/2023

FinQuiz Premium package includes all products for a particular exam level.

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FinQuiz study notes are ideal for those aspiring chartered financial analysts who prefer adaptive learning technology.

Double-columned notes cover the entire curriculum and break down difficult concepts into small easy to remember portions.

FinQuiz Smart Summaries for Final Review

FinQuiz - Best CFA Review Course

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FinQuiz Premium Packages for all three levels includes all products for a particular exam level.

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FinQuiz Chartered Financial Analyst® exam prep notes

Get curriculum notes for CFA exam levels one, two and three.

Download PDF notes and study on any device. FinQuiz curriculum notes are printable.

CFA Level 1 material

Start Preparing with FinQuiz Study Plan till your exam day.

Get CFA Level 1 curriculum changes details here.

FinQuiz study planner will help you to avoid burnout and will guide you to reach to your passing score easily. If you want to study on your own time, you can customize this study schedule.

FinQuiz is among the best CFA prep courses.

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Why FinQuiz prep course is a viable choice for passing the CFA exam?

FinQuiz is the most effective choice because you have access to material easily and at minimal cost.

Features that make FinQuiz cut above the rest are: various self study packages, Six complete Practice exams (mock exams). These practice exams (mock exams) are closest to the actual exams.

Save your time by purchasing FinQuiz CFA Level I exam study material.

FinQuiz is such a fantastic tool for CFA candidates. Get all CFA level 1 formulas in a downloadable PDF formula sheet.

James B.

"FinQuiz is an easy way to increase your chances to crack the CFA test on your first attempt. A valuable option for self study candidates. The packages are cheaper than Kaplan Schweser."

CFA Exam Level 1 Question Bank

Create quizzes and practice questions related to your weak topic areas.

CFA Level 1 Question Bank

CFA Level 1 Computer-Based CFA exam pack

Buy our practice tests for CFA exam and be ready for the exam day.

CFA Level 1 Mock Exam

CFA Exam Level 1 Curriculum Notes

Our CFA curriculum notes are the best on the market, bar none. Designed to supplement, not replace, your level I study materials.

CFA Level 1 Notes

CFA Level 1 Summary Notes

3000 pages is a lot of material to study, and you only have so much time. To properly study for the CFA, you need to condense the less critical aspects so you can focus on what truly matters. Get FinQuiz CFA study materials now!

CFA Level 1 Summary Notes

CongratulationsCongratulations on passing Level I of the CFA Program Exam!

Is the CFA level 2 exam difficult to pass?

The CFA Exam is quite demanding. Select the best CFA prep course that can cater your needs, study hard and improve the chances of getting a passing score.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam evaluates you as a competent financial analyst and it certifies your qualifications and integrity.

FinQuiz’s study materials will help you in passing your Level II exam. Get FinQuiz CFA review course now!

CFA study material level 2

CFA Level II


cfa level 2 question bank free download
Level 2 CFA Program Question Bank

The question sets in the Level 2 exam are radically different from the ones you were tested on in Level I.

At Level II, you can expect a lengthy story accompanied by data and tables, after which you will have four to six questions to answer.

Our CFA level 2 question bank includes hundreds of these questions, simulating what you can expect on the exam and enables you to do your performance analysis.

This will fully prepare you for the scope and type of responses necessary to achieve excellence.

CFA Exam Level 2 Computer-Based Practice Tests

Just as Level I exams are different from Level 2 in question format, so too are they different in timing and pacing.

Our computer-based CFA level 2 mock exam will give you sufficient practice for what will be a grueling multiple hours exam.

CFA Level 2 Curriculum Notes

Our CFA curriculum notes are the best on the market, bar none.

Designed to supplement, not replace, your Level II study materials, these notes will reinforce what you need to know so you are more fully prepared for the exam.

You would not need extra study guides from anyone else: you will find our CFA level 2 notes fully cover it all.

FinQuiz CFA Level II Summary Notes

While a rigorous reading of CFA Institute curriculum is essential, our CFA level 2 summary notes will help condense complex topics into a format that’s easier to understand and study.

You’ll also have access to numerous flow charts, formula highlights and key concepts to increase your retention so that you can pass the Level II exam.

FinQuiz CFA Level III Prep Materials

Level III exam is of four and half hours. Half of the exam is in constructed response questions format. The other half is in item-set questions format.

CFA exam prep courses provide tools that help candidates in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

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CFA Exam Prep Courses versus CFA Institute

CFA prep course is a study program which allows the candidate to learn and master certain skills required to become a CFA charter holder.

CFA Prep Courses are the fastest way to get your CFA® charter. CFA exam prep courses enhance learning to enrich it, give student support and are a good value addition.

CFA study material

FinQuiz provides more than just summations and study guides. Expertly drafted practice questions that mimic the real exam.

To pass the CFA exam, candidates may use different learning styles and varied exam review courses.

CFA exam prep course

Test prep companies offer various CFA exams prep products, study materials and prep courses to cater for the needs of candidates.

Some CFA candidates use a combination of CFA Institute curriculum, video lectures and summary notes.


Full Length Practice Tests


Additional Essay-type Exams


MCQs including item-sets and constructive response questions

CFA Program Level 3

Prep products for CFA Program 2023

Level 3 Best CFA Study Materials

CFA Level 3 Curriculum Notes

Designed to supplement your Level III study materials, our CFA Level 3 Notes will reinforce what you need to know so you are more fully prepared for the exam. You will find our notes fully cover it all.

FinQuiz CFA Level 3 Updated CBT Exams

Our CFA Level 3 mock exam is formatted to mimic the time constraints and length of the actual exam, so you can fully prepare yourself for adequately allocating time towards construction of your essay and item-sets.

Level 3 CFA Exam Question Bank

Our CFA Level 3 question bank is a fantastic study tool; easily navigable, and chock-full of tools like bookmarking, adding notes, and giving feedback to the FinQuiz’s question developers, this study bank will be an indispensable tool for preparation towards your Level III exam.

FinQuiz CFA Level 3 Summary Notes

Created by experienced CFA program teachers these CFA Level 3 summary notes will properly outline and detail an overview of every topic in the CFA Institute curriculum, complete with diagrams, bullet points and formulas.

Your chance of success will increase exponentially with the Level III Summary at your disposal!