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Get help in advance of the exam. Take six mock exams. Each exam mimics the actual CFA exam in structure and timing. Work through our Level II mock exams to gain confidence and improve accuracy.

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Online practice Exams


CFA level II course offers highly drafted CBT online practice exams to introduce you to the exam's structure.

These practice exams with detailed answer explanations help candidates preparing for their upcoming CFA exam. 

Our six mock exams mimic the actual CFA exam format and are ideal for candidates who want to experience the actual exam.

FinQuiz Level II Mock Exams for the CFA Program

CFA level 2 exam

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Access complete six mock exams though our website. Once candidates click 'Start Test' the test mode is switched on. Candidates can also perform the analysis of mock exam scores online in the review mode where they can find the answer sheet and answer explanations. Each question in the mock exam provides reference to the CFA institute curriculum, study session and reading number.

How can FinQuiz help you pass?

FinQuiz CFA Level 2 mock exam follows the CFA institute exam format in its CFA exam structure, time constraint, topic weightings, difficulty, number of item sets, level of understanding etc.

In each mock exam, we have crafted our answer explanations keeping in view how you guys can learn quickly and efficiently through these mock exams.



"The Premium package is cheaper and the answers are clear and explained. The question bank contains a variety of examinable questions of the entire syllabus drawn from. Thank You so much for helping me with the exam."

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We are confident that our high quality six complete online exams are a valuable resource to improve accuracy of your answer choices and scores.

Good luck guys - hope you pass with flying colors 

Level II mock exam - give yourself the tools you need to pass.

FinQuiz learning ecosystem with its wide range of practice questions, detailed answer explanations, assessment tools, support by instructors will help you prepare for your actual exam day.

Each CBT mock exam offered by FinQuiz is accessed through online account at FinQuiz where the instructions on how to access the exam and how to review the exam will be provided to the candidates.

FinQuiz is acutely aware that passing the CFA exam is only possible with both qualitative and descriptive knowledge as well as problem-solving abilities.

Level II CFA program mock exams by FinQuiz exam prep mimic the item sets found in the actual CFA exam. These exams cover the most fundamental concepts and calculations from the curriculum.

Where can I get free CFA level 2 mock exam?

Make the most of the last 4 weeks before the exam day for mock assessments and revision. And remember: We also gave a free CFA practice test!

Prepare and practice your weak areas and also make sure, you give equal emphasis to the following topic areas for the level 2 study, often neglected by other candidates. These may include: equity valuation, quantitative methods, portfolio management, alternative investments.

Actual CFA exam format by the CFA Institute

44 question combinations are intended in one of each two sessions with a 88 total for the entire examination each earning 3 points. Each item set will commence with a statement on the topic and the total number points.

It is possible all subject areas may be covered in sessions 1 and 2 and perhaps both of these sessions. The topic areas from the CFA Program will be selected randomly.

FinQuiz uses active retention procedures to help you discover and eliminate your weaknesses, and strengthen mental endurance to practice your knowledge and refine your concepts. The Level II CFA exam is often considered one of the most arduous for students.

The curriculum is more dense and answers to the 120 items is difficult. Most candidates for the Level 2 exams are much more serious and competition therefore is tougher.

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FinQuiz Mock exams included in Packages

FinQuiz mock exams are included in Practice plus and Premium Package.

Level II of the CFA® Exam Prep


CFA charter is the most highly regarded financial designation, and the exam is the hardest. With one of the highest failure rates in the industry, the CFA exam requires hundreds of hours of dedicated preparation with materials that accurately reflect the CFA Institute’s new 2022 language and format.

For the CFA Level II practice exams, team FinQuiz is available 24/7 to provide guidance and to help candidates in preparing their weak areas via unlimited ask-a-tutor e mail support as well as feedback system available in each practice exam. A dedicated chartered financial analyst is ever ready to explain your answers - Our customers love this valuable complementary services offered by FinQuiz.