CFA® Level III exam

Exam Resources


Question bank

Our question bank includes hundreds of multiple choice questions, item-set questions (mini case studies) and constructive response questions (essay-type) simulating what you can expect on the exam. This will fully prepare you for the scope and type of responses necessary to achieve excellence.


Chapter notes

Our double-columned colored Notes perfectly break-down the exam focused contents of official curriculum into bite-sized portions which are not only effective for understanding purposes but are also helpful to absorb and retain the concepts.

CFA Level 3 summary, notes, question bank and mock exams

Six mock exams + five more essay-type exams

Al these practice exams are formatted to mimic the time constraints and length of the actual exam, so you can fully prepare yourself for adequately allocating time towards construction of your essay and item-sets.

CFA Level 1 formula sheet

Formula sheet

Our formula sheet conveniently places every formula you need to know in a legible, accessible three-column-format sheet.



Created by experienced CFA program teachers these summations will properly outline and detail an overview of every topic in the curriculum, complete with diagrams, bullet points and formulas.

Chartered Financial Analyst study guide, review and online course

Study plan

Our study plan will provide a flexible, customizable outline of your studying goal and process so that you can most efficiently prepare for your Level II CFA Program Exam.

Customer reviews

Highly recommend the quality and high standard of your product.

Michael Aley, CFA

I was very pleased with the quality of your summaries, practice questions and mock exams. I am not sure I would have passed without them.

Fanny Kidwell, CFA

FinQuiz played a significant role in my exam results. I did like the summaries and Notes. they are right on target and superb tool to complement the CFAI books.

Patrick Baumann, CFA

Premium Package

Includes all products for CFA Program Level II. Excellent choice for self-directed candidates

  • Chapter notes
  • Summaries
  • Formula sheet
  • Study plan
  • Question bank
  • Item set questions
  • Six online mock exams
  • Five additional essay-type exams
FinQuiz is a great choice for self-directed candidates looking for an affordable complement to working directly from the CFA test materials.
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