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Third party prep resources enhance learning to enrich it, give student support and a good value addition to CFA exam study materials.

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FinQuiz Level II Question bank - practice questions - will prepare you guys for the following topic areas: financial reporting, corporate finance, fixed income, derivative pricing, equity valuation, quantitative methods, portfolio management, alternative investments and ethics.

The structure of each Level II mock exam mimics the actual CFA exam format in terms of:

topic area weights | question difficulty and ability level | number of item set questions for a given topic and study session | concepts tested | answers explanations | references to the CFA curriculum

FinQuiz CFA Level II Question bank

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FinQuiz CFA Level 2 Question Bank

Start from Level I and continue to benefit from same team and technology for level II and III. We will help you in going all the way!

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Exam like Question Bank

Review you level 2 CFA Curriculum and evaluate your progress with an extensive question bank - thousands of questions including hundreds of item set questions (six part and four part) - featuring many helpful filters and categories for customization.

Thousands of candidates have used FinQuiz to pass their Level II exam!

CFA Exam Level 2 Computer-Based Practice Exam

Why FinQuiz question bank is so popular among CFA Level II candidates?

Level II CFA exam is is quite demanding and challenging.

Our CFA level 2 question bank includes hundreds of these questions, simulating what you can expect on the exam and enables you to do your performance analysis.

This will fully prepare you for the scope and type of responses necessary to achieve excellence.

A performance tracker evaluate your result to determine your strongest and weakest study sessions.

In addition, each question in our question bank allows you to compare your results (accuracy) to others by displaying the percentage who answer the question correctly.

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Excellent for CFA Program Level II Preparation

How is the Level II of the CFA exam different from the Level I exam?

Level I tests you on basic investment concepts. Taking it a step higher is a level II exam - to show your capacity to apply your knowledge to real life situations.

FinQuiz question bank is included in Premium Package and Practice Plus package.

FinQuiz Practice plus provides full access to a large CBT online test bank with more than 5,000 practice questions (including item set questions) in addition to Six complete practice exams.

FinQuiz CFA online CBT Practice Questions

Create a demo account and access sample questions from the Question bank. A free online complete practice exam is also available.