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CFA Level 1 exam preparation products

CFA Institute has announced Chartered Financial Analyst® level 1 exam dates for the year 2021. You can visit the website of CFA Institute to learn more about exam dates and registration. FinQuiz is a third party provider of CFA exam prep products for exam Levels I, II and III.

FinQuiz offers Chartered Financial Analyst study guide and prep course for candidates based on CFA level 1 syllabus. These include notes, summaries, mock exams, questions bank and formula sheet. All products are available online and are available immediately after the purchase. Our CFA level 1 practice exams are updated for the new topic weights and exam format.


CFA level 1 requirements and how to prepare for


We have summarized all key concepts from curriculum. Our 2021 CFA level 1 notes are a great companion to the official curriculum.

CFA exam 1 topics


FinQuiz CFA Level 1 Question bank is an excellent tool for Level 1 exam preparation. You can practice 3345 questions to gain confidence about all 57 LOS across all ten topic areas.

CFA level 1 dates, topic and weight


FinQuiz CFA level 1 summaries are helpful for second and third review of the material. Flowcharts, bullet points and colors make it possible for you to review all exam preparation material in a single day before the exam.

How long is the CFA exam and CFA weights


FinQuiz offers six online mock exams to mimic the actual exam experience. You can practice these CFA level 1 mock exams whenever you feel you are ready. Detailed answers will enable you to learn from your mistakes and improve your understanding.


Formula sheet from FinQuiz summarizes all important formulas in a single document. You can review all formulas in a short period of time with our PDF formula sheet.


Studying ten topic areas for level 1 exam requires a dependable study plan. FinQuiz study plan is available in PDF and editable Microsoft Excel format to provide you a structured method of preparation for your exam in 2021.

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