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Formula Sheet - CFA® program Exam Level 3


FinQuiz Formula Sheet 


One of the hardest areas for many candidates is remembering the massive number of formulas you'll need on the exams. Each exam level contains hundreds of formulas and each one is testable. Putting them all together on one sheet makes review immensely easier and our Formula Sheet does just that.

Downloadable/Printable PDF - Level III



Essential tools by FinQuiz to imrpve your understanding of CFA Institute's official curriculum.

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Curriculum Notes

Our curriculum notes are designed to be used as a complement to the official curriculum, highlighting the Learning Outcome Statements and the most important information you need to remember. 

Complex ideas are spelled out in a way you can understand while charts and bullet points help to focus in on the most important points.



Our Smart Summaries are ideal for reviewing the entire curriculum in the least amount of time. The brief summaries are packed with flow charts, formula highlights and the key concepts you will almost certainly need for the exams.

The Smart Summaries won't replace a strong study plan and reading the curriculum, but they will get you those extra points you need for success.