The CFA versus an MBA, an answer to the unsolvable question

An article from CNBC’s Stephanie Landsman hit the net recently comparing the CFA designation with an MBA in a time-honored assessment that just won’t die. With less than three months to the June exams, the last thing candidates need to be asking themselves is an unsolvable question.
I say unsolvable because it is not whether the CFA designation is better than an MBA, the question should be whether the CFA designation is better for YOU than an MBA.

If you have to ask, you’ll never know

The question whether you should pursue the CFA designation or an MBA is one that should be asked before you begin either process and with the conviction to see it through to the end. While the two may seem to lead to comparable careers, they are in fact extremely different and you need to make a clear and definitive choice.
A study by Georgetown University shows that unemployment for recent business grads is still relatively high at 7.6% while finance grads were not much better off with a 5.9% unemployment rate. In the frustratingly sluggish jobs rebound, a post-grad education that doesn’t suit your job search may do more harm than good.
While you can specialize in certain fields, the MBA is a general business designation. If your goal is to be a c-suite superstar then you will probably need an MBA somewhere along the way. Granted, there are plenty of people in corporate finance or other areas of the corporate world with the CFA designation but the curriculum really isn’t designed to manage a company or a corporate division.
Perhaps some of the confusion comes from the title, chartered financial analyst. The CFA curriculum will not prepare you to be a corporate financial analyst. In fact, a role in corporate finance may not even be approved for the required work experience to be awarded the charter. The CFA curriculum is an investment analysis and asset manager education. If you have a passion for the art of the deal and forming asset valuations, then the designation may be right for you.
Studying for the CFA designation takes an immense amount of work and dedication. With only about half the candidates passing their exam in any given year, you need to be fully committed to the profession of investment analysis and asset management. Without this focus, you will always be second guessing your motivation and it will make passing the exams nearly impossible.
I don’t say this to discourage anyone from pursuing the designation or an MBA. Some people, whether they enjoy learning or just love the punishment, do pursue both. The question is a valid one but one that only you can answer and must not let it be a distraction after you’ve come to a decision.
Just 11 weeks to the June exam. Right about now you are probably deep in the curriculum and feeling a little overwhelmed. Stay strong. Have some coffee, go for a jog, whatever you do to refocus because the finish line is coming up. I know you can do it.
‘til next time, happy studyin’
Joseph Hogue, CFA

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