Will the CFA® Charter Get Me a Job???

This is probably the question I see most often from candidates.

The CFA exams can be extremely demanding and candidates want to know that their efforts will be rewarded.

There are two problems with the question though.

First, it always seems to get asked most in the months leading up to the exam.

It isn’t a legitimate question as much as it is fear of failure trying to give you a reason to give up, something I addressed in detail in a prior post.

Ask yourself if you are dedicated enough for the exams before you begin level 1 (and at latest maybe before level 2 now that you know what you are up against), then stick to your decision.*

Before I address the second problem with the question, we’ll cut to the answer.

For those of you looking for a silver bullet in landing a job, the CFA designation alone will not get you a job.

But then there are few things, when considered alone, that will get you that offer letter (short of marrying the boss’ daughter).

Even those with advanced degrees are looking at a 3.3% unemployment rate.

You still need to use a comprehensive strategy to get that job (networking, education, experience).

Will the CFA designation help to land an interview, yes! Will the designation help you stand out in a foot-deep stack of resumes, yes!

Will it help you understand the industry/investment management so you can rock out on your interview, definitely!

Now that we know that it is a trick question, the second problem is that it really doesn’t matter.

The designation isn’t about just getting a job.

It is about making you the best (analyst, portfolio manager, advisor, etc) and being able to compete in an industry where people bite and claw for 50 basis points above the benchmark.

If you are just looking for a ‘job’, there are easier ways than spending upwards of 1200 hours studying over 3+ years for just three little letters after your name.

If you are looking for a way to become a world-class professional in the field of asset management and analysis, then the Chartered Financial Analyst curriculum is second to none.

*I was going to end that sentence with, “then stop asking stupid questions and get to studying,” but thought I would be nice for a change.

I could wrap this up with all kinds of clichés or analogies like, “the road less traveled,” but I’ll spare both of us.

The golden gates will not open up on the day you get your charter nor will Bill Gross call and welcome you to the club, begging you to work for his fund.

The charter is about placing a premium on your expertise and the value you can bring to your clients and employer, so in that respect…yeah maybe it will get you a job.

‘til next time. Happy studyin’

Joseph Hogue, CFA