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Quick review summaries...

CFA exam day is approaching. Can you recall all ten topic areas? Not sure about LIFO liquidation in financial reporting or confusing total capital with total asset in corporate finance? May be you need a quick re-check on SML vs CML in portfolio management? Need to brush up on IFRS vs GAAP? Do you want to re-read thousands of pages? You can do better than that. Grab our flowchart style summaries and you are good to go! Download PDF files now for 2020/2021 CFA exam levels I, II and III. Links are at the end of the page.

CFA Level 2 notes, study material and exam prep

Bullet points chapter notes!

Want to look at Apple's balance sheet or Microsoft's financial statements? Want to read a joke about an economist, a chemist and an engineer? It is all there in official CFA Program curriculum! But stop! Do not go in that amazing world of knowledge without FinQuiz bullet points chapter notes.  FinQuiz notes for level I, II and III are excellent resources to reference as you cover the CFA material. These will be your takeaways from that dive in amazing books from CFA Institute. Download PDF files of FinQuiz 2020/2021 CFA exam chapter notes for Level I, II and III. Links at the end of the page.

CFA Level 3 question bank, notes and exam prep

Exam like Question Bank!

Most tricky questions (not difficult) and detailed explanations (you will fall in love with our answer explanations); a revolutionary 'teaching by answer explanations approach!' developed by Team FinQuiz and perfected over the last decade.

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