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Relax. Stress is not good for your exam success. Here are free tips from few successful candidates. Learn from their experience and improve your exam preparation strategy. Read and then download free mock exam and improve your chances of passing the exam. “I want to thank FinQuiz team and your awesome notes and share my happiness that I passed cfa level 3 this year finally. I am a re-taker and read through CFA curriculum books at the first time, but this time, with your notes, I really think it helped me better understanding of the knowledge. Again, thank you very much!” Nanzhu Chen, CFA
Download Mock Exams for 2019 Exam Levels I, II and III by clicking here.
FinQuiz study notes and tools have a huge contribution to my success. For this, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you and your team for the overwhelming help and support that I obtained from your study notes and tools. In addition to the various revision tools, question banks and mock exams that are tailored to equip candidates with the relevant tools for the exam day, the study notes which are an abridged form of the CFA Curriculum notes are indispensable for a successful revision of the subjects when exam approaches and candidates are under pressure and short of time to complete revisions on time. Thank you !” Abebe Assefa
“I was one of those lucky people who received Level II CFA Program passing email last Tuesday and this success is attributed to many things, one of the most important contributory assets that helped make that happen is CFA prep. materials provided by you, FinQuiz. Specifically, I used Curriculum Notes , Smart Summaries , Mock Exams, and Comprehensive Study Plan and indeed those products were amazing and among the most valuable tools that paved the way to me for that passing score. This simple, user-friendly format helped me digest and grasp many complicated concepts especially in the areas of derivatives and fixed income investment. Thus, I want here to express gratitude for your efforts to provide students with high quality CFA prep. Products and help them adopt a fast-track CFA preparation.” Hael Shaalan
“Just wanted to let you know that I passed Level III CFA Program!!! The study material you provided was instrumental in this successful result and I want to thank you for providing such a comprehensive, instructive, and representative study package. I have already recommended your services to my colleagues who are writing different levels.” Bart Dziarski, CFA
“Please permit me to share my experience with using your resources and how it helped me to pass my Level II CFA Program examination at the third attempt even though you have not solicited for it. After using other tutors and failing Level II CFA Program twice, I was in search of a tuition that would prepare me adequately with the level of difficulty that is expected for the examination. I am glad I decided to trust FinQuiz to help me achieve the much desired success and I was encouraged to enroll with you based on the huge discount that was offered on the resources. I think you are the best and yet the most affordable. I am sure I would not have passed but for your rich materials. I entered the examination very confident and I have got my excellent results to show for it. I only wished I used your resources earlier. However, I do not hesitate to refer others to you. Thank you for the good work you are doing. I am definitely using your materials for CFA Level III and I am sure I would pass at one sitting.” Olayinka Oyetunji, CFA
“I passed Level III CFA Program this year. I appreciate for the support from FinQuiz.” WENG Liyang

FinQuiz Curriculum Notes

FinQuiz Curriculum Notes are unlike any product you will find from other providers. While others will play on your hope to avoid long study hours reading the curriculum, we tell it like it is and acknowledge there is no better education than the official CFA textbooks. Our curriculum notes are designed to be used as a complement to the official curriculum, highlighting the Learning Outcome Statements and the most important information you need to remember. Complex ideas are spelled out in a way you can understand while charts and bullet points help to focus in on the most important points. “The FinQuiz notes have been an integral part of my preparation – and ultimate success – for the Level II CFA Program exam. The notes deliver exactly what they promise: used in combination the the CFA curriculum (mainly LOS, examples and end-of-chapter exercises), they’re the perfect way to process, retain & revise the extensive & demanding subjects covered. Stepping up to Level III CFA Program would be inconceivable without the companion of the FinQuiz Notes!” Dimitris

The FinQuiz Question Bank

The FinQuiz Question Bank includes more than 5,000 questions designed to reflect the difficulty and detail of actual exam questions. Easier question banks may give you a false sense of security heading into the exam. Not ours. Every question was written by people that have taken the exams and know how hard the questions can get. “Really found your question bank to be a big contributor to my passing the Level III CFA Program exam, particularly so as I aced the afternoon paper! Highly recommend the quality and high standard of your product!” Michael R Aley
“I just found out that I passed level 3 of the CFA exam. I couldn’t have done it without the FinQuiz’s Qbank and practice exams. I highly recommend your materials to all of my friends who are taking Level II CFA Program and 3 next year.” Christine Chen, CFA
“Thanks to you guys I passed Level II on my second attempt. Your item set practice questions are unlike anything else on the market, although difficult they prepared me for exam day. I will definitely be using your Question bank for Level II next year…I’ve already recommended you guys to others sitting  Level I and Level II next year and in December and hope to recommend fellow Level III candidates. Thank you.” Tommy R,

Smart Summaries

Our Smart Summaries are ideal for reviewing the entire curriculum in the least amount of time. The brief summaries are packed with flow charts, formula highlights and the key concepts you will almost certainly need for the exams. The Smart Summaries won’t replace a strong study plan and reading the curriculum, but they will get you those extra points you need for success. “I have just passed Level II CFA Program and I was very pleased with the quality of your summaries, practice questions and mock exams. I am not sure I would have passed without them” Fanny Kidwell, CFA

Mock exams

Anyone that has taken the grueling six-hour CFA exams will tell you, there is nothing like mock exams to get you in shape. You are going to be tested both mentally and physically on test day. Our 6-full length Mock Exams are just what you need to test your endurance and mental preparedness. “I used your mock exams as part of preparations for my  level 3 exam and I must say that my success at the level 3 exam can partly be attributed to your mock exams that test quite a lot of areas ignored by candidates. Kudos and keep up the good work.” Isom Adiari, CFA
“Just received the Level II CFA Program exam results and was one of the lucky to have a congratulation letter. The outcome is just fabulous and I wanted to let you know that you and FinQuiz played a significant role in my exam results. I did like the summary and the notes. They are right on target and a superb tool to complement the CFA Institute books. Most of all the practice exams and the vignettes in each topics were just amazing. Working alone the FinQuiz agenda and notes definitely was a major factor for me. I look forward to working with you on Level III CFA Program. Thank you for all your support.” Patrick Baumann, CFA
One of the hardest areas for many candidates is remembering the massive number of formulas you’ll need on the exams, especially for the Level I CFA Program exam. Each exam level contains hundreds of formulas and each one is testable. Putting them all together on one sheet makes review immensely easier and our Formula Sheet does just that. “Without the help of FinQuiz, I do not believe I would have scored >70% in 8 of 10 areas. FinQuiz tested the difficult areas that other question-banks will not cover. This boosted my confidence, and clearly helped me on exam day.” David Young.
Every successful candidate needs a good study plan to approach the exams. Unlike other providers that just tell you to arbitrarily run through the readings in order, our Level I CFA Program 2018 Study Plan recommends a smarter approach. The FinQuiz Study Plan shows you a path through the curriculum that will ensure you hit the most important information without getting burned out along the way. “I used the FinQuiz study questions when preparing for both Level II CFA Program and Level 3, and can note with certainty that I would not have been able to successfully complete either exam without your organization’s assistance.” Daniel G. Mazzola, CFA
All this plus you’ll get five essay practice exams for the Level III CFA Program exam and instructor support that cannot be beat. We can’t guarantee you’ll pass the exams with FinQuiz but we are extremely confident that with FinQuiz, you can’t go wrong. “I managed to pass my level 3 exams this round, and the team at FinQuiz is instrumental to my success. Thanks to the wealth of questions available in your question bank, my item set scores are significantly better in this attempt. Joseph’s blogs are not only a source of inspiration, they also helped me in pacing the materials week by week. Thanks again FinQuiz team, for guiding me through the CFA level 3 exams.” Kah Juay Lee, CFA
“I have finally passed CFA level 3 and I want to say thank you very much for your products and your endeavors to keep the service on a high level. Your summaries and curriculum notes were notably useful. But the most helpful was a possibility to ask questions. Sometimes merely a process of a question composition led me to better understanding of the study material, while prompt replies helped me significantly with the curriculum mastering. I would like to say a separate thanks to Jane Brown and Joseph Hogue as their motivating messages were very supportive and encouraging.” Sergei Kolokolov, CFA
“Thanks a lot in guiding me to a pass in my 1st attempt. You did a great job in covering every corner of the curriculum.” Alomgir miah, CFA
“I wrote my CFA level 2 and cleared it – I used your notes extensively over the last 6 months. You guys have been part of the reason I crossed the line, thanks a ton for that. May I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at FinQuiz? Thank you!” Gopalakrishna Narayanamoni
Download Mock Exams for 2019 Exam Levels I, II and III by clicking here.

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