Frequently Asked Questions

FinQuiz is owned and operated by full-time CFA charter holders.
FinQuiz products were designed by us when we were students about a decade ago and could not get what we needed from other prep providers. For example, we needed flowcharts to organize concepts in few pages; two-column notes without examples and questions to bring out key points in CFA Institute's books; item-set questions as a separate product for practice; essay-type exams as separate product for level III. We have come a long way and have improved our products immensely but the core concept still remains the same.
Please visit pages on our main website and read reviews from CFA charter holders.
We update our prep products every year after new syllabus comes out in July/August.
We sell our prep products globally online. You can purchase and download our products from most of the countries in the world.
Please refer to our pricing chart for details.
We have developed our own materials and your purchase will be strictly for personal use, unless purchase is made through a contract for commercial use.
Our feedback system in the Question Bank will connect you directly with the content development team. CFA charter holders will read and reply to your comments/queries.