Level II

Congratulations on passing Level I of the CFA® Program Exam! Take a bit to celebrate, but now’s the time to get cracking on tackling the Level II exam. Luckily, your experience with Level I has already given you some understanding of just how difficult this will be!

Why choose FinQuiz for Level II?

Whereas Level I was your fundamentals, Level II can be considered the more detail-oriented focus on the more complex and professional topics, like fixed income, financial statement analysis, and so much more. Just like Level I, CFA Institute’s curriculum for Level II can reach nearly 3,000 pages, but be warned: these materials are much more difficult to understand.

Level II is the essential next-step for achieving greatness in your financial career. Without Level II, you cannot move on to Level III or become an official CFA Charter holder. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today, but you’ll have to double your efforts to achieve the prestigious designation you desire.

The road ahead is no easy one, but do not be discouraged. You conquered Level I, which means you can conquer Level II too! But don’t go at it alone: FinQuiz’s widely appraised study guide materials will ensure you receive the proper studying experience to excel on your Level II examination.

Level II Question Bank

The question sets in the Level II exam are radically different from the ones you were tested on in Level I. At Level II, you can expect a lengthy story accompanied by data and tables, after which you will have six questions to answer. Our question bank mimics hundreds of these questions, simulating what you can expect on the exam. This will fully prepare you for the scope and type of responses necessary to achieve excellence.

Smart Summaries

If you thought you need more succinct explanations for Level I materials, just wait till you start studying for Level II! While a rigorous reading of your official CFA curriculum is essential, our smart summaries will help condense complex topics like Financial Statement Analysis, Equity, and Fixed Income into a format that’s easier to understand and study. You’ll also have access to numerous flow charts, formula highlights and key concepts to increase your retention so that you can pass the Level II exam.

Extensive Curriculum Notes

CFA institute’s curriculum is just way too voluminous to read over and over again, which is why curriculum notes are an essential study tool for level II CFA Program exam candidates. Our curriculum notes condense vital points and make the curriculum easier to follow. FinQuiz’s notes are the most sought after by candidates of the CFA exams at any level. Our notes provide a thorough overview of all the materials and lessons you will need to study for your Level II exam.

Practical Mock Exams

Just as Level I exams are different from Level II in question format, so too are they different in timing and pacing. To fully prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your exam, you need experience in exactly how the exam will be scheduled and conducted. Our mock exams will fully fortify your mind and spirit for what will be a grueling six hours.

Formula Sheets

Memorizing a vast number of formulas is a significant obstacle to be hurdled at any stage of the CFA Program examination. Level II exams are no exception, and any mindful CFA Program test-taker will want a convenient way to memorize key formulas. Our formula sheets condense all this material in an easily accessible, convenient, and highly effective formula study sheet. Never worry about memorizing those formulas again with our fantastic study sheet.

Study Plan for Level II

Pacing and order of study is far more important than you may realize at first glance! Our CFA study plan will provide a flexible, customizable outline of your studying goal and process so that you can most efficiently prepare for your Level II CFA Program Exam.


Hear from CFA Charterholders how FinQuiz has helped them do their best

I would like to thank you for the wonderful question papers finquiz provides. I have cleared level 3 and give the credit to finquiz practice papers. Thanks again.

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Liyang Weng, CFA

Thanks to you guys I passed Level II in 2013 on my second attempt. Your item set practice questions are unlike anything else on the market, although difficult they prepared me for exam day. I will definitely be using your Question bank for Level II next year…I've already recommended you guys to others sitting Level I and Level II next year and in December and hope to recommend fellow CFA Level III candidates. Thank you.

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Tommy Rogulj, CFA

Please permit me to share my experience with using your resources and how it helped me to pass my 2015 Level II examination at the third attempt even though you have not solicited for it. After using other tutors and failing Level II twice, I was in search of a tuition that would prepare me adequately with the level of difficulty that is expected for the examination. I am glad I decided to trust FinQuiz to help me achieve the much desired success and I was encouraged to enroll with you based on the huge discount that was offered on the resources. I think you are the best and yet the most affordable. I am sure I would not have passed but for your rich materials. I entered the examination very confident and I have got my excellent results to show for it. I only wished I used your resources earlier. Howbeit, I do not hesitate to refer others to you. Thank you for the good work you are doing. I am definitely using your materials for 2016 Level III and I am sure I would pass at one sitting.

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Olayinka Oyetunji, CFA

Just wanted to let you know that I passed Level III!!! The study material you provided was instrumental in this successful result and I want to thank you for providing such a comprehensive, instructive, and representative study package. I have already recommended your services to my colleagues who are writing different levels.

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Bart Dziarski, CFA


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