Taking a Break from Studying, Without Taking a Break

I don’t know about you, but with 12 weeks left to the exam and about half way through our 21-week study plan I am tired of talking about the CFA curriculum! It was always around this time when studying for the exams that I started feeling a little burnt-out and needed something to give my mind a rest.
One of my favorite past-times (if not a way to procrastinate) is by following some of the financial blogs on the internet. With upwards of 15-20 hours a week spent studying the CFA curriculum on top of whatever else life throws at them, candidates have a tendency to feel out of touch with the current world. Following a financial blog is a good way to keep updated on the mood in the markets and the practical side of the curriculum. Following the financial sites gives you the opportunity of taking a break from the curriculum, but still keeping your mind on the industry. It always motivated me by giving me a glimpse of the world for which I was studying so hard.
Below are my favorite resources for light reading or learning outside the curriculum.
Most of the contributors to the BlackRock blog are charterholders and I’ve noticed that BlackRock must value the designation for as many charterholders that work there. The blog covers a range of topics including the economy, ETFs, fixed-income and general investing.
AllianceBernstein blog is another favorite of mine. The posts generally focus on more generalized issues than the iShares blog and do not recommend specific funds.
Wall Street Journal publishes 27 blogs on its website under three categories: business, news & politics, and markets & economy. The posts tend to be a little longer than other blogs but still fairly light and quick reading.
Institute website hosts one of the best and largest libraries of research and advice you’ll find on the web. Most of the resources are free with your candidate login and ranges from brief 15-minute videos to full research publications. The search tool is a little clunky but just about every topic search results in many sources.
Bloomberg has always been my go-to source for news. They’ve got a pretty cool radio app that comes in handy on those long commutes as well.
Would love to hear your favorite sources for financial news and analysis. Connect with us on LinkedIn or use the comment section below.
We’ll start study session 10 next week across the three levels of the CFA exams. Let me know if we need to review any of the prior readings or if you have any questions.
Until next week, happy studyin’
Joseph Hogue, CFA

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