Scoring the CFA Exam and when can I see my score?

I can hear the proverbial crickets chirping as I write this. You have definitely earned the right to a few months of rest and relaxation, but don’t forget that the first Saturday in June can sneak up on you in a flash.  We’ll be cutting back to about one post each week on the FinQuiz blog for a few months, but be sure to check in from time to time for updates and other tips on next year’s exams.
For the next couple of months, candidates will have one thing on their mind, “How did I do on the CFA exam?”
The link below is to the Institute’s exam results page. Here you will find details on results availability, grading, and pass rates (when available). Results for the Level I and II are usually available mid-August and will be emailed.  If you passed, you will be able to see the percentage range (<50%, 51-70%, >70%) in each topic area. If you did not pass the exam, you will be given a fail band indicating approximately how close your score was to passing. The actual passing score or the score you received is never released.
The link also has information on retabulating your exam if you are not satisfied with the result. It costs $100 to have your exam regarded. There really isn’t much point to this for level I or II candidates. I have heard of a few Level III candidates asking for a re-score but have never heard of anyone who  received a passing score after retabulation.
The link below is to the Institute’s results timeline. It is fairly well detailed but doesn’t do much to change the fact that it could be a nervous eight weeks, depending on how well you were prepared for the test.
The first week after the exam was the hardest, waiting for the results. After a couple of weeks, I really didn’t think about it too much. Then, around the second week of August, you’ll start getting nervous again and wondering how well you did. Don’t sweat it. The exam is over. No amount of anxiety will change the results and you deserve a break.
Of course, no post would be complete without my usual plea to candidates to organize their plans and start studying a little earlier for next year. Take a few months off, relax and get to know those strangers that you used to know as your family. Taking a few hours a week, maybe around December, to start reading through the curriculum will take a great deal of the pressure off come January/February when you really kick in to study mode.
How did the exam go? How well do you think you prepared? Any comments or suggestions for next year’s candidates or for us at FinQuiz? Please use the comment box below. Thanks.
Joseph Hogue, CFA

The link below is to the login for the CFA Institute’s exam feedback page. If you have any comments about the exam, please let the Institute know. If you do not have a login (you should if you took the exam), you can post your comments below and I will send them to the Institute.

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