Level 1 CFA Curriculum Changes 2015

The readings and Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) are out for the 2015 CFA curriculum and there have been some significant changes. We are covering the changes over the next three days. Make sure you down load the curriculum outline and new LOS from the CFA Institute website.
The most surprising change has been a modification of the topic area percentage weights on the exams. The previous topic weights had been the same for years, before I was a candidate, and no one really saw the changes coming. The actual changes are relatively marginal but still surprising.

Level 1 Changes

The weight to Corporate Finance decreased 1% to 7% of your Level 1 CFA exam score. Portfolio Management has increased in importance, rising from 5% to 7% of your score. Fixed Income has also decreased in importance, dropping 2% to 10% of your total score while Alternative Investments has picked up a percentage to become 4% of the exam.
A total of three readings have been added in Financial Reporting & Analysis, Fixed Income and Derivatives while the Ethical & Professional Standards have been updated to the 11th edition. Six readings have been removed, two in FRA and four in Derivatives.
New readings:
(33) Financial Reporting Quality
(54) Introduction to Asset-Backed Securities
(58) Basics of Derivatives Pricing and Valuation
Dropped readings:
(33) Financial Reporting Quality: Red Flags and Accounting Warning Signs
(34) Accounting Shenanigans on the Cash Flow Statement
(58) Forward Markets and Contracts
(59) Futures Markets and Contracts
(60) Option Markets and Contracts
(61) Swap Markets and Contracts
The new edition of the Code and Standards is not materially different from the previous edition. Some of the standards have been modified to include a more proactive requirement, i.e. the need for supervisors to take positive steps to promote compliance rather than just prevention. The new chapter on ‘Ethics and the Investment Industry’ provides a strong argument for ethical conduct and integrity of the markets. There are no new LOS for the topic area so nothing materially different.
There are 38 new LOS while 39 have been dropped and six amended. Most of the new or removed LOS have to do with new or removed readings, so fairly easy to spot. New LOS have been added to Economics, FRA, Corporate Finance, Fixed Income and Derivatives. LOS have been removed from FRA, Corporate Finance and Derivatives.
Derivatives looks to have become less detailed which will be a welcome change for many candidates. Often material is not dropped entirely but just moved to another exam so watch for changes to the Level 2 exam.
The common belief is that there is a higher chance of new material, i.e. new readings, appearing on the exams. I am not sure this is true or if it is even intentional by the Institute if it does happen. I would still recommend focusing on those topic areas with the most weighting whether they include new readings or not. The Level 1 CFA exam is all about broad understanding, so make sure you have a basic understanding of the why throughout the readings, new or otherwise.
‘til next time, happy studyin’
Joseph Hogue, CFA

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