18 Amazing benefits FinQuiz Question-bank offers

FinQuiz Question Bank offers thousands of questions developed by our full time charter holders team members.


1. FinQuiz Question bank is compatible and works well with all operating systems (Android, Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad).

Creating a test:

2. Select your desired single or multiple study sessions or readings.
3. Further filter your Test through the following subcategories (see screen shot below)

4. Customize the Test (screen shot)

The Test:

5. Provide feedback (get answer from out team in no time)

6. Add your personal notes

7. Like Question

8. Zoom in (out)

9. Bookmark question

10. Review a single question’s explanation or all explanations

11. Select questions per page

12. Explanations are with references

13. Print your test

After the Test:

14. Review your selected questions and explanation

15. Search by Question ID  (Test summary screen shot below)

16. See how others are doing

17. Mistakes Overview (categorize your incorrect answers)

Performance Monitor:

18. Graphical view of your performance

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