Curriculum Based Notes (FinQuiz)

LOS Based Study Guides (Others)

Structural Flow

Curriculum Based Notes follow the structure and flow of CFAI books which result in better organization of ideas, equip students to match with the topics of CFAI books and helps in better understanding of complete topics

The flow is not CFAI books based and more focus is stressed on explaining LOS individually in spite of making the whole picture clear

Material Organization

The material is already organized with key areas highlighted and stressed. Different colored boxes with highlighted key concepts enable students to visualize and retain them easily. This helps in improving their skills, retaining the material well and making them solve questions correctly –  thus increasing efficiency

The material is presented in simple paragraphs with relatively less points specifically stressed. One needs to manually organize and highlight important areas which is more time consuming and often reduces efficiency

Value Addition

Curriculum Based Notes add value to reading CFAI books as they effectively summarize the CFAI text. Reading CFAI books can be much more value adding after going through Curriculum Based Notes.

LOS Based Study guides do not act as a summary to CFAI text thus cannot be value adding.

Correspondence with CFAI Text

In case the reader is unable to understand any specific area through Curriculum Based Notes he can correspond that area with CFAI Text Reading. He does not have to go with the whole text to reach to that point. Curriculum Notes can be used to match the specific area in CFAI Text Books. It increases efficiency tremendously.

LOS Based study guides do not follow the structure of CFAI Text that is why one cannot trace back any specific area within the CFAI Books. It does not allow the reader to effectively reach to that exact topic. To do so one may have to read the background of that topic in detail which could be time consuming

Complete Information

Curriculum Based Notes are complete and comprehensive. They contain all information necessary for the understanding of the topic. There is nothing which has been omitted. According to curriculum guidelines, irrespective of the chances of being tested, the material is covered in Curriculum Based Notes

There are several things which may not be explained well in such study guides. Their focus is more on the  examinable content as compared to the material which may not be examinable but required for in-depth understanding of the topics



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