CFA Exams: Last Minute Checklist

Below is the link to the Institute’s main page for exam information. Here you’ll find links (some below) to exam locations, testing policies, grading and results. The page also features information on the format of each exam. Most of it is basic information that you should already know, but you may want to start on this page just in case you see something that you had not seen before.

CFA® Exam Information

The link below is one everyone will want to check out if not for a little peace of mind. The link is to a ‘typical exam day schedule’ and breaks down activities for the morning and afternoon session.

Typical Exam Day Schedule – CFA Program

Below is a dropdown search for test center locations. You absolutely MUST know how to get to your test center before exam day.

If at all possible, you should tray a practice run some morning before exam day to see how traffic might be and where you are able to park.

I always arrived at the test center extremely early on test day, sometimes as much as three hours early.

If you plan on arriving an hour or two early and everything goes smoothly, then use the time to review flash cards or just relax.

This avoids any one-in-a-million problems like a car breakdown or having to run back home to get something.

If you do not live close to your exam site (within city limits), I would recommend staying in a hotel the night before if possible. First, you do not want to be waking up extremely early to make a 3+ hour trip to the exam site.

You need a restful and relaxing morning before the exam. Second, there is just too much that can go wrong with that long of a trip planned the morning of the test.

Note that there are a few test centers where the exam will be held on Sunday, June 3rd instead of Saturday. You should already know if this is the case for your area, but you might want to check if you are not 100% sure.

Test Center Information

Last is probably the most important page and holds links to testing policies like: admission tickets, calculators, identification and what you may bring to the exam.

Even if you think you know all the exam policies, I would recommend that you go to the page and just double-check the material. It will take less than half an hour and you may just find something that will save you on exam day.

CFA® Program Policies

Exam day really isn’t too complicated. We have all taken exams before and understand testing policies.

The reason why this particular exam day is so important is because it only happens once a year and there is absolutely no leeway in the rules.

This isn’t like the professor you had in undergrad studies that would let you take the exam later if you were sick or late. There are no excuses and no repeats with the CFA exam until next year.

We will cover some suggestions for test day in another post this week.

For now, the important thing is to make sure you know exactly how to get to your exam site (including any road closures or detours) and exactly what you will need to bring.

Til next time, happy studyin’
Joseph Hogue, CFA

CFA Program 2020/2021 - Levels I, II and III

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