A little self-congratulatory pat on the back

I know overconfidence is the analyst’s downfall and it is probably a little shameless, but .. I couldn’t help reveling in a few of the comments we (FinQuiz) received lately from candidates using the study notes and question bank.

Work those CFA Study Problems!

Daniel Mazzola, CFA wrote after using FinQuiz for the level II and III exams, “I used the FinQuiz study questions when preparing for both Level 2 and Level 3, and can note with certainty that I would not have been able to successfully complete either exam without your organization’s assistance.”
Christine Chen got some great news recently and emailed us, “I just found out that I passed level 3 of the CFA exam. I couldn’t have done it without the FinQuiz’s question bank and practice exams. I highly recommend your materials to all of my friends who are taking Level 2 and 3 next year.”
Anyone reading this blog for long will know how obsessive I am over the need for study questions in your exam prep. Using a question bank is probably the number one way to prepare for the exams. Actively working questions helps candidates learn the material as well as practice their test-taking skills for exam day. Too many candidates spend most of their time simply reading the curriculum and hoping that they retained the material.

A Focused Approach for CFA Core Material

David Young used FinQuiz for the level II exam in 2010 and writes, “Without the help of FinQuiz, I do not believe I would have scored >70% in 8 of 10 areas. FinQuiz tested the difficult areas that other question-banks will not cover. This boosted my confidence, and clearly helped me on exam day.”
The FinQuiz study guide is not meant to replace the official curriculum but to supplement it and focus candidates on the most important material. The study guide is based off of and follows the Institute’s curriculum instead of following only the learning outcome statements (LOS). This way, candidates know they are seeing all testable material but can still concentrate their time on sections worth the most points.
While no one study program will work for all candidates, we’re pretty proud of the program we’ve put together. Samples for curriculum notes at each level are available here: Level I, Level II, Level III
We’ve still got a few months before the blog picks up for 2017 exams but let me know if there is anything you want to see covered or if you have any questions about the exams.
Joseph Hogue, CFA
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